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Computer chess reports
2009-08-02 Photo report from the Chess960 Computer World Championship 2009 in Mainz with photos by Eric van Reem.
2009-05-20 Report on the 17th World Computer Chess Championship with a diary and photos by Hans van der Zijden.
2008-10-09 Report on the 16th World Computer Chess Championship with a diary and photos by Hans van der Zijden.
2008-08-09 Report by Larry Kaufman on the Rybka 3 - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili match on ChessBase.com.
2008-05-17 Interview with Vas & Larry about Rybka 3 from ChessCafe.com.
2008-04-28 Jeroen Noomen reports on the 8th CSS/Pal Freestyle
2008-04-09 NM Brian Wall wrote a humorous article about the match Rybka vs. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili on Chessville.com.
2007-10-16 Ibermax team reports on win in 7th CSS/Pal Freestyle
2007-08-27 Photo report of the Chess Classic in Mainz, photos by Harald Fietz
2007-08-07 Italian version of Rajlich team (with Michal Krasenkow) in freestyle play in .pdf by Harald Fietz (L'Italia Scacchistica, thanks to Adolivio Capece)
2007-08-05 Rybka in Amsterdam by Jeroen Noomen
2007-07-15 'Rybka vs Ehlvest II - Everything but a Pawn' by Arne Moll (Chessvibes)
2007-04-30 In the May issue of the magazine "Chess" is a big report about Rybka by Harald Fietz, who visited Vasik and Iweta (and Michal Krasenkow) in Budapest. Jimmy Adams, the editor of the magazine "Chess", kindly provided us the .pdf version of this article.
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Website of the magazine "Chess"
2007-04-27 Interviews with Freestylers (version 3) by Vasik Rajlich
2007-01-10 Chess Vibes report about 16th IPCCC in Paderborn
2006-12-08 Interesting report about Rybka by Peter Doggers
2006-11-13 Report on 4th PAL/CSS Freestyle Final by Iweta Rajlich
2006-11-13 Report on FIDE World Chess Championship by Iweta Rajlich
2006-11-06 Report on 26th Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship by Jeroen Noomen
2006-09-05 Report on 3rd PAL/CSS Freestyle Final by IM Iweta Rajlich
2006-09-05 Report (in Russian) on 3rd PAL/CSS Freestyle Final by GM Michal Krasenkow
2006-07-08 Interview with Rybka opening book author Jeroen Noomen by Iweta Radziewicz
2006-07-08 Report on the 6th Leiden ICT by Iweta Radziewicz
2006-06-29 Report on the 15th Paderborn IPCCC by Iweta Radziewicz (with annotations by GM Bartek Macieja, GM Piotr Bobras, GM Piotr Murdzia, GM Wlodzimierz Schmidt and IM Marek Matlak)
2006-04-23 Report on the CSS/PAL Freestyle final by Iweta Radziewicz (with annotations by GM Michal Krasenkow)
2006-03-27 Report on the CSS/PAL Freestyle main Tournament by Vasik Rajlich